Wednesday, 7 December 2011

FINALLY RELEASED: Souvaris Souvaris Souvaris Souvaris Souvaris Souvaris Souvaris...

Hey ho chaps and chapettes,

Some obligatory HUGE THANKS to Emma and the lovely blokes from Dear Thief/Gung Ho and Doig and the dudes at Power Lunches for having us at a super-special, super-sweaty London gig the other weekend. We had a hugely enjoyable time playing and seeing lots of faces old and new. If you came out; we salute you.

But now, to business, for this week finally marks the official release of SOUVARIS - SOUVARIS SOUVARIS. Some of these songs took literally months to write, and we first started working on recording the whole thing over 2 years ago and only just managed to finish it this summer, so it's extremely gratifying to have it released by our great friends and still hugely vital Nottingham-loving label Gringo Records. Similarly, in these times of massive cutbacks, record labels and distros dying on their arses and shops going tits-up, it's extremely kind of Cargo to take on a record as uncommercial as ours and stick a few copies in local record shops... if you're lucky enough to live near any that still exist, we implore you to go out and support it by buying AS MANY COPIES AS YOU CAN.

You mean you haven't heard it yet? Well my dear, here are some thingummies from Bandcamp and Soundcloud:

Latest tracks by souvaris

And if that sonic onslaught didn't persuade you, we received one of the most well-considered and thoughtful of our venerable 11 years courtesy of the generous Tommy Dski at Pocket Jury:

"Somewhere between [NEU!75 and Can's "Landed"] is the wonderful Souvaris, an amalgamation of the inventiveness of early krautrock with western pop music, creating something of a unique art-rock sound. The surging crescendos favoured by many post-rock bands are still there but the sense of dynamics is far more varied, with many moods covered over the forty minute duration... one of the great British treasures at the absolute peak of their considerable power."

I think we all genuinely blushed when we read this review - so many thanks to Tommy.

Now what are you waiting for? It's the perfect Christmas present! Buy one for yourself! Buy one for your other half! Heck, buy our Gringo's entire stock so we can stop owing Matt so much money as well as all the good karma he's passed our way over the last few years! BUY! BUY! BUY!

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