Monday, 22 August 2011


Jesus, another blog post? Already? What possibly could the occasion be? Oh, just THIS. Out in October y'all:


Sunday, 21 August 2011



After successfully maintaining radio silence for another extended period over the spring and summer, the behemoth that is THE SOUVARIS finally peeps open an eyelid and stirred at the start of August. After successfully sleeping through the marriage of two of its members and a whole lot of other things going on in everyone's lives, we finally got together and decided: IT'S TIME TO FINISH THE ALBUM.

And guess what? We actually went and did it. Okay, it took Matt Gringo threatening to castrate the lot of us if we couldn't get our act together for an October release, and then the promise of playing with our good friends (who also have their own, incredible, album coming out) Zun Zun Egui if we could get things sorted out in time, but we finally, finally have finished it. And it only took 21 months. Easy.

So, we worked our arses off...

(well, some of us did)

... and a few long days, late nights and good-natured arguments later, we haz dun it and it's finished. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

More news with some details of what to expect soon, but in the meantime, visit our new Facebook page - the old group got deleted - where you can find some sexy new information. Don't bother with Myspace though, it's old hat and we hate it. You probably do too.