Monday, 29 June 2009


Hey folks, been looking to get some Souvaris music in a physical format? We know it's not that easy to track down our stuff, especially as a lot of it has flitted in and out of print down the years. Therefore, we are now offering a public service - buy our music direct from us! Here's what's currently available that we have in stock - with free postage to wherever you are in the world!:

"GET MARRIED" European Tour 2009 CDR - 50 numbered copies only!
Four songs, 45-odd minutes of music.
£5.00, including postage worldwide

"A HAT" (2007) CD album, on Gringo Records
Six songs, 65-odd minutes of music.
£7.50, including postage worldwide

"UNTITLED" (2003) 12" vinyl, on Telesphere Records
Two of our oldest songs, 25-odd minutes.
£3.50, including postage worldwide


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Welcome, welcome

Hey there, welcome to the new Souvaris blog. This fucker will be replacing our bloated old website in favour of a streamlined approach to updating you about the band and what we're up to. We'll also be posting up some links to free MP3s and offering an online shop service again so you can buy our music for cheap direct from us. Watch out!

In the meantime, we'll also be continuing to update two nefarious social networking sites:

Feel free to drop us a line with suggestions for what content you want to see!