Thursday, 23 September 2010


Woot woot and word up.

In exactly one week's time we will have finished blowing sound down your earholes at the distinctly impressive Nottingham Contemporary - look, there's even a proper webpage and poster and everything here:

Then you might have noticed that we're heading off for our holidays in late October, stopping off in Belgium, France, Germany and Switzerland for some quality shows (and Luxembourg for some cheap petrol, no doubt). But what are we going to do inbetween?


Yeesh, we've been pissing away our spare time, money and hearing on this shit for a decade now. Just think what much more productive things we could have done in the meantime. So what are we going to do to celebrate? Well, throw a fucking cool party, of course! We've invited some pals to play, and, heck, we'll even make some noise ourselves (and probably a load of different songs to the Contemporary gig). Simmo and Helene have been fantastic enough actual humans to organise a swanky Saturday night out for you all:
That's Saturday 16th October, at Chameleon, Nottingham.
ED WOOD JR (Lille, FR)
£5 / DOORS 8.30pm

Clique Clack is delighted to invite you to a warm-up show for Souvaris' upcoming European tour. In the spirit of international exchange, Ed Wood Jr from Lille, France will be representing the froggy side of the Entente Cordiale. Add a couple of local rock behemoths to the proceedings in the form of Fresh Eyes For The Dead Guy and Stop Eject, and you have yourselves quite in evening indeed! Mmmmmm.

Full details at!/event.php?eid=153931577958482

See you there! Bring cake. It's gonna get messy.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

October 2010 Excitement: EUROPEAN TOUR 2010


For the fourth time, the lumbering post-rock behemoth known only as "Souvaris" (apart from that time we were billed as "The Savouries", but let's not get into that one...) will plant all four paws firmly onto the continent and belt around Western European for a series of concerts across a few of our favourite places. Here's where we're orf to for our October holidays:

Friday 22 October | Liege, BE | La Zone
Saturday 23 October | Nancy, FR | Le Coup De Monocle (our favourite wine bar)
Sunday 24 October | Freiburg, DE | White Rabbit Club
Monday 25 October | Zurich, CH | Boschbar
Tuesday 26 October | Lyon, FR | super-secret activity that we couldn't possibly tell you about
Wednesday 27 October | Lyon, FR | Le Sonic (a boat! woo!)
Thursday 28 October | Bordeaux, FR | Le Nouveau Locale
Friday 29 October | La Roche Sur Yon, FR | Venue TBA
Saturday 30 October | Le Havre, FR | McDaid's
Sunday 31 October | Arrive home for for a nice cup of tea

Yup, that's 4 countries in 9 days! And about 3,000-odd kilometres to cover. Our trusty driver Jim "Thing One" Alexander is already in training and licking his lips in anticipation.

So come join us at a show if you feel so inclined (and live anywhere nearby)! We'll post some details about door times, prices and some of the lowlifes we'll be sharing a stage soon.