Thursday, 11 March 2010


Ooh! Well, it only took us ten years. We finally have a real press shot! Four of them, even. We are enormously indebted to the exceptional Steve Gullick, who took these shots of us at our most earnest and sweaty at Chameleon, Nottingham after our split LP launch party.

If you'd like high resolution versions of these photos for press purposes, don't hesitate to get in touch: ichbinsimmo at gmail dot com. Feel free to repost wherever you see fit, but do be sure to credit Steve Gullick. Cheers!

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Millions Now Living Will Die Young In A Cold Dead Spiderland

Recording for our third album, possibly or possibly not titled as above, is almost done. We our now preparing ourselves for six months of experimentation, mixing, mastering, and arguments about gates and compressors.

We're very excited about this record. In the past, give or take a few overdubs and sonic tweaks, our recorded output has largely been the sound of a band playing live in a room. This time we're aiming for something that sounds radically different to previous ventures, so we've decided to take a totally different approach. Each instrument is being tracked individually, giving us a lot more freedom for production tomfoolery. The idea/hope is that the production process will become an integral part of the songwriting process.

It's exciting and yet scary, as we don't know quite what the record will sound like. About all we know so far is that it will feature seven or eight tracks and will be our shortest album by some length. I have high hopes that it will be by far the best thing we have ever released... here's to hoping that we don't fuck it up.

Aaron, meanwhile, continues to thrive on the Indian subcontinent. Our only fear for him is that that upon his return (July) he will want to lay down some tabla overdubs.