Reviews of A Hat (2007):

You can almost hear circuit boards in the background trying to keep up with the changes in mood, in tempo, and in season. One minute, you have wintry shimmers in trebly guitars, then autumnal warmth, a thousand brutal bass drums pulsing […] Souvaris create a space where your imagination can run riot. Draw your own pictures; write your own words. But keep this as the soundtrack. 
Plan B Magazine 

It’s hard to believe that anyone really plays music THIS GOOD […] Souvaris rock the bass grooves of Tortoise mixed with “math rock” (whatever that really means) of Battles, spread with ambient washes and technical intricacies. The melodies are stunningly beautiful […] Subtle, soothing, punchy, explosive, and perfect. 
Subba Cultcha! 

An unfolding delight of world champion origami scale. 
Rock Sound Magazine 

[Souvaris] channels the epochs of instrumental post-rock past — most obviously the dubby, shape-shifting kraut rock of peak-period Tortoise — and introduce their own dizzy, cheery temperament, all the while avoiding cliché and navel-gazing dullness. […] their most cacophonous moments recall the majesty of a Glenn Branca guitar symphony. A Hat reveals itself to be a carefully composed piece of work — perhaps not as off the cuff as some of the band's influences, but a slow-burning stunner nonetheless. 
The San Fransicso Bay Guardian