Sunday, 4 October 2009

3 nights of fun with Sincabeza in London, Manchester and Nottingham

Hello everyone,

We're supposed to be getting on with finishing songs for our next album, but we can't stop playing gigs! Our very, very good friends Sincabeza are coming over to the UK for the upteenth time for a short tour, and we're very excited to be playing a few selected shows with them where we can. These shows are:

- MONDAY 12th OCOTBER - Jamboree, London
- THURSDAY 15th OCTOBER - The Corner, Manchester
- FRIDAY 16th OCTOBER - Chameleon, Nottingham

Full details on each below.

Jamboree, Cable Street Studios
£5/£4 NUS or flyer/£3 members

Silver Rocket very proudly presents
Timothy C Holehouse

This amazing live band eschew the usual boundaries of song length and structure, instuments ebb in and out, track lengths change, and you get the impression the band are toying with you slightly, but this only serves to make them more enjoyable. Fingers crossed they go on a percussion tour of the venue like last time.
"The five-piece set about what could be superficially termed as post-rock but there’s a musicianship at play here that suggests these boys have spent many, many hours, weeks and years (seven, approximately) sweating out these intricate compositions."

This French trio make post-rock songs that sound somewhere between Shellac on speed, Zu and Action Beat. In fact, they're even better than that sounds.
"Bordeaux math-rock power trio Sincabeza are Souvaris’ touring partners and they instantly command the respect of the audience... the three-piece effortlessly run through songs that fail to sit still - constantly shifting time and mood - twisting through guitar loops and deep, melodic basslines. Sincabeza are a captivating prospect, for sure, but not one that you’d wish to have playing in your living room." Drownedinsound

Drone soundtracks for fans of Labradford, Flying Saucer Attack, Bill Viola, and nightmares.
"Tim Holehouse is quite a legend, if you haven't heard of him by now you really ought to be ashamed of yourself. Now Tim presents his other half "Timothy C. Holehouse" where he finds himself exploring darker areas of his musical mind. Bent guitar swells and subtle drones layered over broken drum beats." Dead Pilot

plus Silver Rocket DJs

Bad Uncle Presents...

SINCABEZA (a nervous mix of math-rock power and post-rock emotion)

with support from

SOUVARIS (“Erudite Instrumental Rock Outfit”)


FTSE 100 (ex burnst/freezing fog)

We're very happy to welcome back once again the mighty Sincabeza and their and our good friends Souvaris, with support from the most excellent FTSE 100 featuring members of The Freezing Fog and ex-members of Burnst.

£4 NUS/ £5


SOUVARIS (Gringo - Nottingham, UK)
SINCABEZA (Gringo - Bordeaux, FR)
DOORS 8.30pm / £5

This will possibly be the release party for Souvabeza and Sincavaris' long awaited split EP, to be released shortly on the magnificent imprint Gringo Records. This will mainly depend on a pressing plant somewhere in the former Eastern Bloc though.


Souvaris are a 5 piece rock band from Nottingham, UK, comprising of two guitarists, bass, synths and drums. This Autumn will see them release a split with Bordeaux’s excellent art-rockers Sincabeza on Gringo Records.

Taking an ever more direct and succinct approach to songwriting, the band channel their abundant energy in to yet tighter grooves and snappier riffs. Like Tortoise or Battles before them, Souvaris realise that instrumental music need not be po-faced nor grandiose, and that fun can be clever too. Intricate rhythms are complimented by playful yet simple melodies; this is music that is at once minimal and complex, an efficient yet brutally effective use of resources.

Souvaris create a space where your imagination can run riot. Draw your own pictures; write your own words. But keep this as the soundtrack.
Plan B Magazine


Sincabeza is Eric Camara, David Loquier, Philippe Rey and Antoine Vo Van Tao, four veterans of the Bordeaux rock scene. The band began playing together in 2002; initially a causal side-project in between other commitments (David drums for Laetitia Sadler’s Monade), their natural perfectionism and committed work ethic saw them complete a demo by April 2003, soon followed by several high-profile support slots for Explosions in the Sky, Trans Am, Karate, and The Evens. The band have now released two albums, played 200+ shows all over Europe, and are at the forefront of the blossoming French underground scene.

If a frame of reference is needed, Sincabeza's music sits somewhere between the UK bands that Sincabeza have already accompanied both in France and during their two UK tours - Charlottefield, That Fucking Tank, I'm Being Good - and those at the forefront of the American independent /avant-garde rock scene of the present day: Tortoise, Shellac, Golden. Post rock, instrumental rock or noisy pop – whatever; if you ask them, Sincabeza will tell you that genre is not even an issue. The four piece simply play, allowing themselves to follow whatever deconstructed and intricate path they choose - songs full of awkward variations, elaborate arrangements, razor-sharp breaks, and – increasingly – surprisingly poppy melodies. Their music springs in every direction, but you have to see them live to better grasp their explosive and frenetic nature. The quality of musicianship is second to none, and yet the raw, physical energy of their live show threatens to lose control at any moment.


Alright The Captain hail from Birmingham, Northern Ireland & Ilkeston but met in Nottingham and decided to make loud, experimental instrumental music together. Expect noisy riffs, frenetic drumming and lots of ROCK.

See you there!

Sunday, 6 September 2009

FLOODIT 3: Saturday 26th September 2009


Floodit - An evening of live music & screen printing at The Art Organisation with


Live Music from:

Back in Nottingham for the first time in over two years, in support of their new album, "Thriller". My Bloody Valentine and Dinosaur Jr play loud but their tunes have never really had the heaviness to match their mammoth volume. Part Chimp, however, match their cacophonous sound levels with the weightiest rock imaginable. Their records are released by Rock Action Records (founded and maintained by Scottish post-rock band Mogwai).

Souvaris are a 5 piece rock band from Nottingham, UK, comprising of two guitarists, bass, synths and drums. Now nine years old, the band has spent the best part of a decade building their reputation as one of the UK’s most inventive and versatile acts. This autumn will see a new split release with Bordeaux’s excellent art-rockers Sincabeza on Gringo Records. Having played countless shows with bands ranging from Do Make Say Think to Polar Bear, The Shipping News to Thee More Shallows, Fly Pan Am to old friends Explosions in the Sky, Souvaris deliver a live show that is as entertaining as it is subtle, as direct as it is layered.

BAD GUYS played their first gig at ATP curated by The Melvins and Mike Patton. Neither knew BAD GUYS were gonna play but they did it anyway. You ever seen someone crowdsurf in a living room? BAD GUYS have. You ever seen Jared from The Melvins force his way through your window to get to your gig? BAD GUYS have. You ever trashed a place so bad it needs to be rebuilt from scratch? BAD GUYS have.

Punk trio knocking out snarling garage punk which'll make your nuts swing taking in influences like Die Kreuzen, Make-Up, The Mummies and the Bad Form.

Special guest DJ:


Live Screen Printing from:

Julie West, N4T4, Philth, Billy, One Ten Eleven, Stu Subism, Waste, I dress myself, Chris Baldwin.

"£5 A PULL" Bring your own tee and customise with any artists work for just £5.00


8pm - midnight

£4.50 advance tickets available from Anarchy Records (no booking fee) and (50p booking fee). Advance ticket holders will get a free poster on the night, while stocks last.

Fully licensed bar - so please don't bring your own booze as you will not be allowed in with it.


This event is supported by our good friends at:
Subism / I Dress Myself / Spinsters Emporium

Thursday, 3 September 2009

CANCELLED: FREE GIG in a car park in Shoreditch - Sat 19th Sept 09


Clique Clack and This Is Not A Canvas present:

WAX STAG (People In The Sky)

In A Car Park On The Whiston Estate, Shoreditch E2 8SE
10am - 10pm (live bands 5 - 9.30pm)

8-bit electronic joy with live powerhouse drumming = YES. Music to dance (in a car park) to. Check out the youtube video below, and then tell me you don't want to throw some awkward shapes all over that shit.

Once described as "clown jazz", expect rhythmic, textured and slightly silly grooveable rock - part Tortoise, part Fela Kuti, part Supertramp. Not as bad as that sounds - rather good in fact.


This event coincides with European Mobility Week and aims to demonstrate the versatility of car parks as urban spaces. Not only shall fine live music be at your disposal but you'll also have the opportunity to sample the:


And much more. Read more here:

See you there!

More details, links, photos and videos here:

And here's the best music video of 2009 as a treat for you:

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Get Married? Get Lost!

Hi Folks,

Just a quick note to tell you that "Get Married", our European Tour 2009 CDR has now SOLD OUT. That's it. No more copies. Nada. You missed out. Sorry!

More news soon.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Yo! Bum rush the show!

Just a quick note to say that we're down to our last ever copy of the European Tour 2009 CDR, "Get Married". If you want it, better act quick and click on the Paypal button below. We've also found the last! ever! copy of our split 7" with The Workhouse that came out on Awkward Silence waaaaay back in 2003, so let us know if you want that one too.

Oh, and someone has asked us to play a gig in a car park in London this autumn. It sounds brilliant - more details soon!

Monday, 6 July 2009

New blog? New shows? Same old shit.

So, the old website is dead and with it a gazillion unnecessary words and whatnot. From this point onwards, this here blog will act as your gateway to Souvaris information. We'll be expanding the Flickr account too so that we can put some more of the literally thousands of photogrpahs we've amassed over the years and you can have a good giggle.

Seeing as we've been going a good few years now, we'll be offering a series of future posts about previous recordings and releases, with links to where you can buy the good shit or just download the old shit for free. It'll maybe give our back catalogue some kind of coherent narrative too, which could be interesting. Or it could be a load of old cobblers. We'll just have to find out together! Good, yeah?

There's also the question of how we publicise when we're playing live. Gigs will posted onto our Myspace and Facebook pages (see links just over here--->), and we'll blog about stuff when we know about it. Right now we have nothing confirmed for future live performances. If anyone wants to book us for a gig, get in touch (souvaris[at]gmail[dot]com). We are handsome, well-behaved and dead funny:

Monday, 29 June 2009


Hey folks, been looking to get some Souvaris music in a physical format? We know it's not that easy to track down our stuff, especially as a lot of it has flitted in and out of print down the years. Therefore, we are now offering a public service - buy our music direct from us! Here's what's currently available that we have in stock - with free postage to wherever you are in the world!:

"GET MARRIED" European Tour 2009 CDR - 50 numbered copies only!
Four songs, 45-odd minutes of music.
£5.00, including postage worldwide

"A HAT" (2007) CD album, on Gringo Records
Six songs, 65-odd minutes of music.
£7.50, including postage worldwide

"UNTITLED" (2003) 12" vinyl, on Telesphere Records
Two of our oldest songs, 25-odd minutes.
£3.50, including postage worldwide


Sunday, 28 June 2009

Welcome, welcome

Hey there, welcome to the new Souvaris blog. This fucker will be replacing our bloated old website in favour of a streamlined approach to updating you about the band and what we're up to. We'll also be posting up some links to free MP3s and offering an online shop service again so you can buy our music for cheap direct from us. Watch out!

In the meantime, we'll also be continuing to update two nefarious social networking sites:

Feel free to drop us a line with suggestions for what content you want to see!