Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Yo! Bum rush the show!

Just a quick note to say that we're down to our last ever copy of the European Tour 2009 CDR, "Get Married". If you want it, better act quick and click on the Paypal button below. We've also found the last! ever! copy of our split 7" with The Workhouse that came out on Awkward Silence waaaaay back in 2003, so let us know if you want that one too.

Oh, and someone has asked us to play a gig in a car park in London this autumn. It sounds brilliant - more details soon!

Monday, 6 July 2009

New blog? New shows? Same old shit.

So, the old website is dead and with it a gazillion unnecessary words and whatnot. From this point onwards, this here blog will act as your gateway to Souvaris information. We'll be expanding the Flickr account too so that we can put some more of the literally thousands of photogrpahs we've amassed over the years and you can have a good giggle.

Seeing as we've been going a good few years now, we'll be offering a series of future posts about previous recordings and releases, with links to where you can buy the good shit or just download the old shit for free. It'll maybe give our back catalogue some kind of coherent narrative too, which could be interesting. Or it could be a load of old cobblers. We'll just have to find out together! Good, yeah?

There's also the question of how we publicise when we're playing live. Gigs will posted onto our Myspace and Facebook pages (see links just over here--->), and we'll blog about stuff when we know about it. Right now we have nothing confirmed for future live performances. If anyone wants to book us for a gig, get in touch (souvaris[at]gmail[dot]com). We are handsome, well-behaved and dead funny: