Wednesday, 11 August 2010


...we've just been sleeping. But fret not! Aaron is freshly returned from his jaunt around India, Nepal and god knows where else and we are all finally back in the same city for the first time since January. On the agenda for future activity:
  1. Gigs in September/October. Another European tour. Oh yes.
  2. Practising like motherfuckers for said gigs.
  3. Editing and mixing the elusive third album. Yes, we've been working on this one for months. No, it's not nearly finished yet. Yes, we will probably play exclusively songs from it at gigs. Unless you ask us nicely to play something old that you like.
  4. Frantically trying to remember how to play old songs that people like so that we don't piss everyone off.
  5. Mixtapes! Not sure why, but they'll keep us sane on tour. And we might make some copies for you. Dave has already compiled 5 hours' worth of tat for your dubious listening pleasure.
More soon, including confirmation of aforementioned promised gigs. Anyone want to put us on in London? Or northern Italy?

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