Monday, 29 June 2009


Hey folks, been looking to get some Souvaris music in a physical format? We know it's not that easy to track down our stuff, especially as a lot of it has flitted in and out of print down the years. Therefore, we are now offering a public service - buy our music direct from us! Here's what's currently available that we have in stock - with free postage to wherever you are in the world!:

"GET MARRIED" European Tour 2009 CDR - 50 numbered copies only!
Four songs, 45-odd minutes of music.
£5.00, including postage worldwide

"A HAT" (2007) CD album, on Gringo Records
Six songs, 65-odd minutes of music.
£7.50, including postage worldwide

"UNTITLED" (2003) 12" vinyl, on Telesphere Records
Two of our oldest songs, 25-odd minutes.
£3.50, including postage worldwide


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